The final touch is what you will see for many years to come. Our qualified carpenters have an exceptional eye to detail to create that craftsmanship finish which you will enjoy for years to come.

We love to leave our projects with a wow factor which will become a focal point for you and your guess for years to come.

Our finishing carpentry skill cover a range of services such as;

– Flooring
– Baseboard & Trim install
– Cabinetry installs
– Custom benches & workspaces
– Door & Window installation

To name but a few.

Contact us today to discuss your finishing carpentry needs.


The correct framing of a home is the key to ensuring that the rest of the build works in harmony.

Our qualified carpenters have years of experience dealing with intricate structural elements to ensure that the space they are creating lasts for years to come.

Although the framing aspect of the project will eventually be covered by the homes finishes, precision cuts and attention to detail is key at this stage.

We offer Framing Carpentry as either part of a large project or can offer it as part of a phase on your project.

Our skills are trusted and recommended by many structural engineers throughout the city of Toronto to complete certain structural aspects so that projects can take place.

Our framing projects include but are not limited to;

– New Build construction
– Open concept living
– Structural reconfiguration
– Addition framing
– Basement & Specific floor framing